One of Africa’s foremost video directors and cinematographers, Ani James has lent his voice to inspire creativity and a relentless spirit of hard work among people across the World. Teaming up the likes of American rapper Nas and singer Erykah Badu, on the “All I need” campaign rolled out by Hennessey, Ani shares his story which aims at shaping our world by inspiring others to push the limits of potential to attain new heights. Since the year 2012, Hennessey has teamed up with cultural icons from the music, art, fashion and philanthropy worlds to motivate people and drive them to succeed. The campaign showcases the stories of “extraordinary” individuals who have strived to attain new heights, thereby exemplifying the brand’s mantra, ‘Never stop. Never settle.’ The marketing campaign continues across social, mobile and TV throughout 2018 with Nigeria’s Ani James, progenitor of the popular AJEFilmworks brand, on the frontline.