Adekunle Gold is as calm as he is energetic in delivering “Money;” the third single from his widely anticipated “About 30” album. “Money” is an urban highlife single where Gold humbly makes supplication to God for financially blessings. This music video production is a perfect visual representation of Gold’s single on a set which is planned and meticulously executed in a “money maze.” Directed by Ani James, creativity is immense in this unique and unprecedented production whose standout feature is a scintillating connection with the audience as it captures moments and images on Nigeria’s currency. About the concept, the ace director discloses that he, “…had always imagined being in the time or moment of images on the Naira note. Every time I look at the notes, I connect with the characters and thought of bringing them to life in visual form. This was how I came about the vision for the “Money” music video.” And so in what is undoubtedly another masterpiece from the stables of Ajefilmworks, he is able to ingenuously bring images of local lumberjacks on the old 50 kobo note, the Nkpokiti drummers on the 5 Naira note, as well as Nigerians from the Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa extraction on the 50 Naira note, to life. Frontline educator Dr. Alvan Ikoku and former Head of state Murtala Muhammed, eulogized on the 10 and 20 Naira notes respectively, also came alive momentarily.