Nigerian movie actors and actresses are as good as any in the world while some Nigerian stories are also as good as it gets anywhere else. However, popular opinion holds that production value has lagged within the Nigerian movies circuit. Part of the giant strides recorded in the Nigerian music industry is consequent of high level of professionalism exhibited by the new generation of video directors and producers. Deploying the latest technologies and industry trends, the likes of AJEFilmWorks falls in that class of new generation videographers and directors who have raised the stakes in Nigerian cinematography. There is no doubt that if the same level of professionalism in the music video industry were to be imbibed in movies, Nollywood status as the “second largest movie industry in the world” would not just be about the numbers it turns out. Hopefully, the year 2019 will probably go down as a turning point. As one of those who pioneered the paradigm shift in cinematography, and has thereafter sustained the momentum, Ajefilmworks took a bold lunge into the uncharted territories of picture as it debuted in Nollywood, behind the camera on the set of the recently released picture, “Bad Comments.” A meticulous eye and creativity arrives what is sure to be a game-changer in the industry. The release of the movie, which is produced by the versatile Jim Iyke and directed by Moses Inwang, was stalled last year due to the pandemic. Eventually, it is out for your viewing delight. Give yourself a treat with “Bad Comments”… not literarily.