Film has developed as an art-form, over the last century while video games have existed for barely four decades, yet It’s no secret that video games have always aspired to be similar to film. Cinematography is a crucial part of the filmmaking process. It is all about subconscious manipulation, and so is designed for audiences to be oblivious of the techniques evoking their emotions during a film.

The development of video games has, over these past years, deployed these cinematography techniques to create film-like qualities. Complex narratives and Computer-Generated Imagery have been added to gaming mechanics to create a whole new dimension of visuals. Technically, video games are not filmed. Rather developers use these cinematography techniques and principles to improve the gameplay experience by making them look more realistic.
Some Video games even have trailers now; some of which are difficult to decipher from movie trailers.

However, just as video gaming makes use of cinematography techniques, films and even TV shows have also deployed video game technology, ensuing in ab interesting overlap of the two media. Video game technology is used in movies to improve visual effects and animation. A very good example is James Cameron’s Avatar which broke ground in the use of CGI to create unique backgrounds and characters.