Our Team

At AJE FILM WORKS, Our team moves faster, With over 14 years experience in video production, Our team is committed to the overall goal of creating unprecedented videos that are backed by unique filming and directing style.
we deliver high-impact video for your project…every single TIME. We are all about 100% customer satisfaction.

Creating a positive set/stage environment on every production is key and our experienced team of production experts will take the time to understand your business needs and craft a customized video strategy that works perfectly for your target audiences. We bring all our best efforts to your project.

Our team of cinematographers, Directors, Producers, Gaffers, DOP, Script writers, Set designers, Make Up artists, Motion and still Graphics Designers, are well trained in productions of motion pictures and the cinematic arts. We live and breath passion for putting together “eye-popping”, head-turning
Music videos, commercials, short films and independent features.


Ani James


Irrepressible self-belief, focus and an unbridled passion for cinematography and creative directing have seen Ani James work his way to become one of Africa’s most sought-after directors – and founder of AJE Filmworks Limited (AJE, coined from his initials). Ani’s awe-inspiring creativity, meticulous attention to detail and untiring work ethic has contributed immensely to the growth of professional film production especially with regards to the music video and creative content industry in the improvement of quality.



Let's bring your imaginations to life. Creatively.